My Quarantine Beginners At Home Workout!

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I don’t normally post things like this and I’m definitely not an expert in sport but I’ve come up with a workout that I like to do at home during lockdown. I thought I’d share it for you incase any of you are interested. So here it is…

X20 jumping jacks

X20 push ups (I normally do the easy ones on my knees)

X20 squats

30 seconds jogging on the spot

X20 bicycle crunches

I repeat all these exercises 3 times (you can spread them out throughout the day or do them all at once). To add to this I also go on a daily walk for around 30 mins to 1 hour at least 4 times a week to get fresh air and some light cardio.


Hydrating boost!

e.l.f. Hydrating Water Essence

“e.l.f. Hydrating Water Essence is a lightweight and nourishing essence infused with moisturising effects of purified water, coconut water, algae, and coffee. Vegan.” – these are the details found online for this product. They’re absolutely right! This product is extremely lightweight, non-greasy at all. Perfect for quick hydration when you’re feeling a bit dry throughout the day. It’s really good as a base before you apply moisturiser for extra intensity. Smells amazing! The reviews for this product are all really good. People love that it’s such a good quality, working product for a cheaper price (not too expensive). It really is a must have in your daily routine! Suitable for all skin types too!

How To Get The Softest Skin

Vaseline & NIVEA moisturising products

If you want baby soft skin then keep reading. Vaseline & NIVEA have the most PERFECT products to give you the smoothest, softest skin around. I normally shave my legs and armpits etc in the shower before I start this ritual. First, use the in-shower body lotion after using your normal body wash. The NIVEA in-shower lotion is perfect for people who don’t like the feel of moisturiser (myself included) and a good base to softer skin. NIVEA also do a dry skin version of the in-shower lotion if your skin needs a little extra help. It quickly soaks into the skin and then you rinse it off. When I get out of the shower I then like to use the Vaseline cocoa butter radiant gel-oil. It soaks into the skin and gives it that extra boost of softness before applying the body butter or lotion. It’s not greasy and drys relatively quickly. Finally, I use the Vaseline cocoa radiant body butter, it’s a thickish moisturising butter that smells absolutely amazing. It’s the final layer to all the moisturising and once it’s been massaged into the skin I guarantee that your skin will feel brand new. It is the best feeling getting into fresh bedding with smooth moisturised skin, it leads to a great nights sleep and you’ll feel absolutely amazing in the morning. Do this during and after every shower and your skin will be as smooth and soft as a baby’s.

Goals, patience, love…

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Remember, it takes time to get to where you want to be. It won’t happen over night. But with determination and patience you will get there eventually. You should be proud of yourself even for little baby steps forward because it’s not always going to be easy. Respect yourself. Do other things along the way, other smaller goals. Recognise those other smaller goals and be happy. You’re always moving forward even if you don’t see it! Take it slow, exercise, meditate, have fun! Stay healthy, the mind and body will thank you for it. Love yourself!

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit, Oil-Free Acne Face Wash & Scrub

Neutrogena Face Wash & Scrub

Pink grapefruit, oil free acne face wash and face scrub by Neutrogena not only smells amazing but works incredibly well at clearing spots/acne on any skin type. Your face will feel so fresh and replenished! The smell just reminds me of summer. The packaging is also aesthetically pleasing, very pretty. I love the colour pink! They’re also gentle on the skin. The scrub is actually so gentle for a scrub but gets the job done. These products honestly do an incredible job and I recommend to anybody who’s trying to get rid of spots or acne! I think you’ll love them! Ps- you can buy these products online or from local drugstores or supermarkets normally in the skincare isles.

Feeling like yourself again


During isolation it’s easy to feel sluggish. It’s okay to have lazy days in your pjs every now and then but it’s also great to get dressed, brush your hair and do skincare! You will feel immediately refreshed and ready for the day! It will make you feel like you’re yourself again. You will be more willing to go ahead and do some activities during the day, like working out, baking/cooking, going for a walk, painting, playing games, cleaning, watching movies/series/YouTube etc. So please TRY not to mope about thinking that because you’re not going anywhere that you don’t need to get dressed (I mean, you can if you want) but it’s so much more hygienic, refreshing and will improve your mental health if you do. You will be so much happier 😁

Blackhead Clearing Cleansers

Clean & Clear – Blackhead Clearing Cleansers & Face Scrub

Having trouble with blackheads? Clean & Clear have a daily blackhead cleanser to keep those pesky blackheads away. They even have a version for sensitive skin! You can really feel it medicating your skin when you apply it with a cotton pad. I love that feeling because you know the product is working. Since I started using this my blackheads haven’t been as bad as they use to be. So I definitely recommend this. I haven’t actually used the blackhead clearing scrub but if it’s anything like the cleanser then I’m sure it’s going to be a must have in my everyday skincare routine. I’m going to buy it and let you all know what I think. My boyfriend also uses the cleanser and his skin has improved so much. I have to have this cleanser in my everyday skincare routine. Why not give it a go? Only your blackheads to lose! Ps- the sensitive skin one is just as good, I have both because my boyfriend has sensitive skin. So overall, my rating for this is 10/10!